Classic Rummy Apk page online a timeless card game beloved by many in India, has transitioned from a traditional gathering activity to a convenient online experience. Classic Rummy Apk page online provides an excellent platform for both novices and seasoned players to enjoy this game.

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Step into the limelight on our Champion’s Victory Board starting June 1st! Enjoy guaranteed massive bonuses with the chance to win up to ₹1,00,000. Kick off June with excitement and claim your big win!

Offer Details:

Secure up to ₹1,00,000 in bonuses from June 1st to 9th! Bonus Structure:

Earn top points for a jaw-dropping ₹100,000 bonus! Achieve the minimum points to secure a substantial bonus! Bonus Credits:

Bonuses will be credited starting June 10th*. Terms & Conditions:

  1. This leaderboard is invite-only; not all players are eligible.
  2.  Classic Rummy Apk reserves the right to modify the promotion terms without prior notice.
  3. Players suspected of unfair practices will be disqualified. The decision will be final.
  4. Rewards will be delivered as declared; converting rewards to playable cash is not permitted.
  5.  Classic Rummy Apk management’s decision is final in case of disputes.
  6. Bonuses will be credited during the offer period only.

Special bonus offer for UEFA Euro 2024 season

Classic Rummy Apk is excited to announce a special bonus for the UEFA Euro 2024 season season starting June 2nd! Cheer for your favorite teams and win exciting offers throughout the tournament!

Offer Details:

  • Use code XXXXX for a 15% deposit bonus.
  • Earn 10x Bonus if the team wins by X wickets, or 2x Bonus up to ₹100 if they win by X runs.


  1. Coupon code XXXXX active 24 hours before each match on our app/website.
  2. Deposit by 9 AM on match day to receive a 15% bonus.
  3. Win 10x Cash/Bonus if the team wins by X wickets, or 2x Cash/Bonus if they win by X runs, up to ₹100.
  4. Redeem coupon code once daily.
  5. Winnings credited the next day.
  6. Best match of the day considered. If India wins, bonus doubles to 15% bonus + 20x cash on wickets or 4x cash on runs!


  • Scenario 1: Deposit ₹10,000. If Team-A wins by 9 wickets: 15% Bonus + 10×9 = ₹1,500 + ₹90.
  • Scenario 2: Deposit ₹10,000. If Team-A wins by 50 runs: 15% Bonus + 2×50 = ₹1,500 + ₹100.

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